Babu Gogineni in Television Media

Babu Gogineni’s ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ challenge to Astrologers was partnered by 3 TV Channels and made headline news, his campaigns against Witch Craft related violence led to a 40 minute documentary ‘Superstition Kills’ which was released worldwide, and his campaign for the rights of the child Sambhavi resulted in several documentaries on Indian TV, namely Star Vijaya and TV9.

At the UN, in TV Studios, in public meetings and on the street, Babu Gogineni led and organized several Human Rights campaigns including the high-profile successful international campaign to rescue Dr.Younis Shaikh from death row in Pakistan. Some of the other successful campaigns that he was involved in were the defense of the sexual autonomy of individuals (for which IHEU received the Nordic Rainbow Award in Sweden).