Frequently Asked Questions

What are Babu Gogineni’s qualifications to comment on so many subjects ?

Babu Gogineni is a well-read, highly intellectual and qualified person. His alma mater includes many top educational institutions. But he says that Society and rationalism are the major gurus to learn anything. His astounding knowledge of those subjects was gained through intense study of books, literary & historical sources and nourished through frequent discussion and debates with commenters worldwide.

Why did Babu Gogineni become an activist ?

Babu Gogineni was born and brought up in a secular and Humanist family. Inspired by M.N Roy's ideology, rationalist worldview since childhood, and his lineage of social activists, Babu himself became an activist.

Is Babu Gogineni against Hinduism ?

No and never. He protests and objects the atrocities and falsehoods that are done in the name of any Religion. He wants to propage the Human rights is the essential root for any society growth.

What does Babu Gogineni say about Christianity ?

Babu Gogineni says any religion or Christianity was followed or propagated by Angels who want to enjoy privileges from society. He objects christian conversion and exposes the false claims done by many bishops and popes.

Does Babu Gogineni believe in a God ?

No. Babu Gogineni Believes Evolution instead of Creation or Creator. He concluded himself as an atheist.

Does Babu Gogineni follow any Religion ?

Babu Gogineni does not follow or accept religion. He constantly claim his Identity as an Humanist.

Has Babu Gogineni addressed questions related to Islam ?