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Protecting our intellectuals is not an option, it is fundamental to the progress of our society! The ongoing attack on international Humanist and Human Rights activist Babu Gogineni warrants for the strongest condemnation from all sections of our society and your voice is what we need to take this movement forward.

Your Vote is Your Voice

Let us put an end to the assumption that we are only a few. Make your voice heard and help us reach more. Please sign the petition by clicking support button below and share it with your friends.

Allegations - But where are the proofs?

As part of a larger conspiracy, many baseless accusations and made up stories are being circulated on the social media for the past few weeks. But, to date, NOT EVEN a SINGLE piece of evidence has been produced to support those allegations! Watch how some of our learned friends responded to the false accusations against Babu Gogineni.

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